Paul Richards Music Tuition

piano tuition

Paul Richards

Qualified Piano/Keyboard Tutor

Covering the S.Wales area 10-15 mile radius of Bridgend


Students are taught in a manner which includes various genres of music (such as classical/jazz/pop etc)which in turn enhances their overall appreciation of musical experience on their chosen instrument.

Piano based subjects such as improvisation/alternative score writing/prepared repetoires are included in the development of playing techniques.

Exam preparation becomes part of the sequence of lessons but is not mandatory. Playing for pleasure can be just as rewarding.


Students are taught using the basis of various musical rhythym techniques.

At present there is no examination route with keyboard tuition.


Theory of music tuition is not mandatory but is offered as an advisary option strongly recomended by the tutor.

Examination preparation is offered using GCSE standard equivalents as a guide.